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Things to remember when calling RAC Roadside Assistance for help.

RAC Roadside Assistance members should call 13 11 11 for help 24/7. After you have called for help, you should stay with your vehicle until help arrives, however different arrangements can be made just call the Bunbury Busselton Towing Depot and speak to one of our Operators who can assist with this.

Staying with your vehicle is the safest thing for you to do.

  • You will need your membership number.

  • The registration number of the vehicle requiring help.

  • Where you are, the exact location of the vehicle, and which way you are heading.

  • Any significant landmarks, the nearest cross-road.

  • Please have your Hazard lights on so we can find you

  • When you can please leave the keys with the driver

  • Special recovery equipment will be a personal cost to yourself please ask for a cost if this is you.

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Bunbury & Busselton Towing

Bunbury & Busselton Towing are proud to be the Southwest local RAC towing contractor, providing assistance and vehicle logistics to recover, transport and store vehicles of all sizes. Our well maintained modern fleet of trucks include Tilt Tray, Heavy Haulage Truck and Dual Cab Trucks to transport your car and your family to your destination. Our recovery units are able to handle a breakdown to a major recovery or salvage situation.